What is this company about?  Promoting other companies products and services.

Brian’s Online Success Services, LLC (dba) Black Man Speaks is a force for good.

The Smash Solution Business suite of services can support your business.  

Click on the red website link starting with …The Smash… to start using Smash Solutions products and services.



The Smash two week Booster Bar Trial

Black Man Speaks  Offers – two week booster bar allows you to add traffic to your website.

The Smash Social Media Packages 

Yack Black (1) offers  – Social Media Management packages and Website Solutions

The Smash CRM Business Suite 

Yack Black (2) offers – Offers the opportunity to  Register for a FREE Account Today!

The Smash Website Solutions 

Need a brand new website updates, sleek design? We’ll work with your budget to build an optimized the website


Transportation Services: 

Click the link and download the app 

Start driving for Uber, or Lyft 


50% down 50% due upon completion of event – Sent to Pay pal email address brian@blackmanspeaks.com

$29.00 – 15 min – First Consultation and estimate of your need (each 15 minute there after is $29 up to 30 min)

Motivational Speaking,

Vocal Performance (Singing) Driving,

Website, Technology setup and  Training


$59.00 –  30 min 
$79.00 –  45 min 
$109    –  60 min 
$149    –  90 min 
$209   – 120 min 


What are Online Meetings?

Conference call online meeting platform allows you to have the ability to share your screen with up to 25 attendees.

Times available to train you are as follows:

45 minute time slots 11:45 am  to 3:45 Pm  (PST) Monday – Wednsday – Friday


Step 1: Click here on this website link to Log into the Online Meetings:


Conference Credentials

Step 2: Dial-in Number: (712) 775-7031

Step 3: Meeting ID: 254-018-361
PIN: 4856

Conference Recording
To start recording, host hits: *9
To stop and save the recording, host hits: *9

Conference Playback
Playback Number: (712) 775-7029
Meeting ID: 254-018-361


Teleconference Meetings for your Specialized Trainings

Step 1:Conference dial-in number: (712) 775-7085

Step 2: For the Host access code: 371435

Step 3: Participant access code: 185717

Step 4: Record Playback number to call if you miss.

Step 5: Open websitehttp://www.freeconferencing.com


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